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Agricultural Workers: Yes, Workers’ Compensation Is For You, Too

Polk County contains many agricultural operations such as citrus groves, cattle farms and aquaculture installations. The Polk County Farm Bureau reports that approximately one-third of the jobs in this county are for various kinds of agricultural work. As experienced local workers’ compensation attorneys, we seek to communicate to agricultural workers that workers’ compensation works for them just as it does for employees in other lines of work.

If you have been injured while performing duties associated with Florida agriculture, protect your health as well as your legal rights. Ideally, get a medical evaluation as soon as possible. If it is feasible to do so, notify your employer first and then follow instructions on how to get medical care for your agricultural work injury. If your injuries trigger an urgent situation that prevents you from reporting the accident before seeking medical care, still report the situation to your employer at your earliest opportunity.

Your Legal Rights Are As Important As Your Medical Condition

If your workplace injury makes surgery necessary or leads to long-term complications, your timely workers’ compensation claim may be essential to your ability to make ends meet for a long time to come. Do not leave your financial and medical fate to chance. Get a workers’ compensation attorney on your side so that you will have an advocate in case complications arise — which often happens.

Our free legal advice is available to all injured agricultural workers in Polk County and nearby. If we represent you and recover compensation for you, our attorney fees will come as a percentage of your initial lump-sum payment of back benefits. We will gladly explain the details of the financial aspects of your legal case. For now, however, we encourage you to maximize your medical recovery by getting the treatments and therapies that you need, at your earliest convenience.

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