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Motorcycle Accidents

Due to their design, many motorcycle accidents can be severe. We here at DDB Law will help you recover the damages you are owed.

Strong Representation For Lakeland Motorcycle Accident Victims

When a car or a truck hits a motorcycle rider, the damage is usually severe. The victim may suffer road rash, closed head injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury or another serious personal injury. In the worst cases, the victim suffers a wrongful death.

Driving already presents a level of danger, but driving a motorcycle presents a certain new set of challenges. If someone is texting and driving, a bump that might be a fender-bender for a car can turn into something far more serious. Gravel, distracted drivers, opening car doors and inclement weather are special challenges riders face.

After a motorcycle accident, a lot of questions arise. We make sure those questions get answered. For immediate answers to some general questions, please review the information located in the sidebar of this section. When you’re ready to get specific answers about your case from an experienced attorney, then give us a call. Since 1994, our lawyers have provided answers for accident victims in Lakeland and throughout central Florida.

Motorcyclists – We’re On Your Side After An Accident

The unfortunate reality is that many people hold a negative view of motorcycle riders. This negative view impacts how we handle motorcycle accident cases. It is something that we need to take into account as we build a case for trial.

In addition to proving the negligence of the person who caused the accident, we must prepare to educate jurors that the victim had the same rights to use the road as anyone else. We must show jurors that the victim was a victim of negligence. We must make it clear to the jurors why they should award compensation for the injuries caused by an irresponsible driver.

At DDB Law, we have a strong record of getting compensation and handling property damage for motorcycle accident victims in Lakeland and throughout central Florida. You can be certain that we will put all our resources to work on your case.