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Catastrophic Injury From Auto Accidents

What Type Of Injury Does Your Case Involve?

Different injuries affect victims in different ways. While this is only one of the factors that make every auto accident case unique, it is an important factor.

At DDB Law, we take great care to examine the unique details of each case we handle. For example, if a case involves a brain injury, we will assess how that brain injury has had an impact on the victim’s life. We truly believe in taking the time to get to know every person we represent.

When you choose us, you can be confident that we will pursue an outcome that meets your precise needs, based on the injuries involved and the harm your suffered.

Handling All Serious Personal Injury Cases

Our attorneys can represent motor vehicle accident victims who have suffered serious injuries, such as:

  • Brain injuries, from mild brain injuries to severe traumatic brain injuries and comas
  • Spinal cord injuries, from whiplash to herniated discs and paralysis
  • Broken bones, including broken legs and broken backs
  • Loss of limb, including amputation of legs or hands
  • Burn injuries

From injuries that require extensive surgery to injuries that will provide lifelong challenges for the victim, our lawyers are dedicated to getting the right amount of compensation for the people we represent.