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Getting Compensation

Do You Need Compensation For A Motor Vehicle Accident?

At DDB Law, our attorneys help auto accident victims in Lakeland and throughout central Florida get compensation for:

  • Lost wages: This is compensation to cover the pay that has been missed out on because a personal injury required time off from work.
  • Medical bills: This is compensation to cover all medical costs, from the immediate hospital treatment to surgeries to lifelong care, if required.
  • Pain and suffering: This is compensation to cover the intangible pain and suffering that an accident victim has suffered.

In addition, we can assist with handling property damage, because we know that fixing or replacing a damaged vehicle is also important for victims to move forward.

Our Goal: To Get You Compensation In A Timely Manner

Bills don’t stop piling up after you have been injured. You want to get your auto accident compensation claim resolved as quickly as possible. Still, you don’t want to accept anything less than what is fair.

We prepare every case to go to trial. While we will happily accept a fair settlement from our opponents, we are not going to accept a lowball offer. If our opponents want a fight, they will get one.