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Experienced Lakeland Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Helping Those Injured in The Workplace

If you’ve been hurt at work, the law requires your employer to have Workers’ Compensation to cover medical costs and provide financial support.

These injuries can range from sprained and broken limbs all the way up to catastrophic and disabling injuries — and many more in between.

DDB Law is dedicated to making sure your claim is taken seriously by your insurance and employer.

Our Lakeland office has two of the only board-certified Workers’ Compensation attorneys in the state.

DDB Law never asks for money up front in Workers’ Comp cases and only gets paid if you win.

Polk County Social Security Disability Cases

Disability Representation at All Stages

We help Sunshine State residents determine eligibility for Social Security disability benefits and assist in the application process.

Our law firm also handles denied SSDI claims, helping you navigate the reconsideration and appeals process.

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