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Truck Accidents

Throughout central Florida, people turn to DDB Law for representation in complex commercial truck accident cases.

Help For Tractor-Trailer Accident Victims

An accident that involves a commercial truck is a serious matter. Loaded semi trucks can weigh over 10 times as much as a standard-sized car, meaning that the damage in a truck accident can be severe.

If you or a family member was involved in a truck accident in or around Lakeland, regardless of whether or not you were injured, you may be wondering what you should do next. For immediate answers to some general questions, please review the information located in the sidebar of this section. When you’re ready for an experienced lawyer to provide answers that pertain to your specific case, contact us. Your questions will be answered.

In order to bring a successful insurance claim after a truck accident, several key pieces of evidence need to be located and preserved. DDB Law has been dealing with truck accident cases in Lakeland, in Haines City and across central Florida for more than 25 years. We will advise you about what to do and the steps you need to take in order to preserve evidence and bring a claim.

Overcoming Challenges In Tractor-Trailer Accident Cases

The laws that govern truck drivers and the trucking industry are different than those that apply to other drivers. These laws are designed specifically to prevent these large vehicles from causing harm to other parties that they share the road with. When we begin investigating tractor-trailer accident cases, the first thing we look for is whether or not any of these laws were violated.

Not surprisingly, we frequently find that they have been. We find that drivers have spent too many hours on the road. We find that trucks haven’t been maintained properly. We find that loads are too heavy. We find the evidence we need to prove their liability.

People turn to us because each of the partners at our firm possesses more than 25 years of experience. People turn to us because attorneys at our firm are board-certified in civil trial law. Attorney E. Taylor Davidson Jr. previously defended trucking companies and now uses that experience to help clients sue them.