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Know Your Rights When Dealing With Your Employer

Dealing with your employer after a work injury is a common problem. You may feel ignored. You may feel mistreated. You may be torn between trying to keep the job that you’ve invested yourself in and filing a workers’ compensation claim. Do not quit your job!

What Is Your Employer Doing Wrong?

A complete list of the things that employers often do wrong during a workers’ compensation case would be extensive. Some employers do everything right. Others make mistakes simply because they are not familiar with handling these matters. Others, however, punish their employees for filing claims.

Among the many situations that our attorneys can address at DDB Law are:

  • You have reported your injury to your employer and they are not turning it in to the carrier
  • Your employer says that they don’t have workers’ comp coverage, so they refuse to help you
  • Your employer has provided incomplete or incorrect information to the insurance carrier
  • You have returned to work and your employer is ignoring or violating your work restrictions
  • Your employer is preventing you from going to the doctor
  • Your employer is harassing you for filing a claim
  • Your employer has fired you for filing a claim

What We Can Do To Fix It

Our lawyers move quickly to straighten out issues with employers, using our extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law and the procedures involved. At our law firm, you will find lawyers who are board certified in civil trial law and board certified in workers’ compensation.