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Know Your Rights When Dealing With The Insurance Carrier

One of the stressful aspects of suffering a work injury is dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Many adjusters are kind and skilled in handling claims. They do work for the insurance company but remain professional. Unfortunately, some adjusters forget that you did not ask to be injured. When you need help with something, you can’t get anyone to talk to you, or they are rude. At DDB Law, we frequently are told our clients were made to feel they were being treated like a number. This is where we can help.

What Is The Workers’ Comp Insurance Carrier Doing Wrong?

Our lawyers take great care to find out what an insurance carrier is doing wrong and take steps to make things right. Frequently, we find that the issue is not the insurance carrier’s fault at all, but a problem of communication between the employer and the carrier. Other times, there are more clear violations.

In most case, the problem is simply a lack of response. You may call the carrier about appointments or X-rays you need to have scheduled or about the amount of money you’re getting for wage benefits and nobody has answers for you. You call about issues with your doctor and you can’t get any answers. Sometimes, there are delays, during which you are just waiting. Our lawyers can help you sort things out as quickly as possible.