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Elements Of A Personal Injury Claim

The legal basis of a personal injury case is the assertion that someone’s negligence caused injuries to someone else, and the negligent party is liable to compensate the injured party. A legal claim may be resolved in negotiations or mediation, or it may require the decision of a judge and/or jury.

If DDB Law is your personal injury law firm, one of our attorneys will lead the way in developing compelling arguments to prove each aspect of your lawsuit, including arguments that:

  • The defendant failed to exercise a reasonable duty of care on your behalf. That is, they did things or failed to do things that a reasonable person should do or not do to protect others from harm.
  • The defendant breached a duty to warn you or protect you from injury.
  • The defendant’s actions or omissions caused your injuries. This statement may sound simple, but in a high-stakes personal injury claim, the work of putting together facts proving causation can be substantial.
  • Your injuries and losses are serious.

Our Legal Team’s Multiple-Factored Challenge: Investigating, Proving And Presenting Arguments

When we represent you in a personal injury case, one or more of our lawyers and supportive legal staff will undertake a detailed investigation to discover the facts, answering these questions:

  • How did the accident happen?
  • What actions or omissions of the negligent party contributed to or caused you to suffer injuries and losses?
  • What impact do these injuries and losses have on your life now, and what do doctors and other professionals say about your future prospects for recovery?
  • What is a fair level of compensation that will make you as whole as you can be despite your injuries and losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, related expenses and pain and suffering? Punitive damages may also be included in the claim or lawsuit.

All the major areas of the case – the accident, the causation and the injuries – require detailed analysis. Therefore, we will be intensely busy gathering information about each aspect as we prepare to construct vivid presentations to present in settlement conferences, through mediation sessions or in court.

We Are Ready To Start Working On Your Case

The sooner you have an attorney on your case, the more detailed and thorough your claim could be, when it goes before decision-makers such as a defense attorney, an insurance company, a judge or a jury.

Act now to protect your right to fair compensation. Consult with an attorney by calling 863-213-1608 or sending an email inquiry without delay. Initial consultations are free.