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3 professions that face high rates of workplace violence

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a crucial form of protection for employed adults. Jobs can easily lead to injuries and work-acquired medical conditions. Many workers’ compensation claims begin with a specific incident on the job.

Someone might make unintentional contact with heavy equipment or could fall and hit their head on the floor. Workers’ compensation can cover a broad range of different injuries and illnesses caused by someone’s employment. It can even help compensate those injured by acts of violence in the workplace. Technically, violence can potentially affect someone in any industry. However, there are clearly certain professions that have a higher risk of workplace violence than others.

Medical work

Employees in the medical sector have to deal with a variety of safety challenges. For example, they may have to provide care for someone experiencing a psychotic episode or withdrawing from dangerous drugs. Violence is one of the leading causes of injuries and lost-time incidents in medical environments.

Transportation employment

Working in the transportation industry inevitably means dealing with a large number of people. Bus drivers may have to deal with an unruly or dangerous passenger. Those operating semi-trucks could be at risk of a violent incident in a robbery. Even road rage could be a concern for those who provide professional transportation services.

Retail work

Those working in customer-facing retail and sales positions are more at risk of having a negative encounter with a stranger than others. Attempted robberies or incidents that arise when an unstable person enters a business could lead to a worker requiring not just medical care but possibly also a lengthy leave of absence from the job.

Other professions that have a notably elevated risk of workplace violence include manufacturing and construction. Thankfully, workers’ compensation coverage protects those hurt on the job. It doesn’t matter if the person who instigated the attack was a co-worker or a random member of the public.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help pay for someone’s treatment and replace their lost wages. Those who understand the risks related to their employment and their rights if they do get hurt on the job are in the best position possible to reduce the financial impact of an injury.