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Retail work can easily lead to injuries that require treatment

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Retail workers often don’t make very competitive wages unless they work in management. Frequently, their employers do not offer particularly robust benefits either. Therefore, an injury on the job could be a major setback for the employee. An injured retail employee could be at risk of losing their source of income and also not having the insurance they need to pay for any medical treatment they may require.

People often think of retail as a relatively safe job, but there are actually a lot of risks. Retail workers can get hurt at work and then end up struggling to support themselves and recover from their injuries afterward unless they know and make use of their rights.

Retail work is repetitive

One of the big safety concerns about retail work is how repetitive the job functions can be. Workers might spend hours stocking shelves are running a cash register. That can lead to repetitive stress injuries, especially if they remain with the company for years. The more physically-demanding repetitive tasks may be, like stocking heavy items on a tall shelf, the more likely they are to eventually lead to injury.

Retail facilities can be dangerous

Retail shops have numerous safety risks. During stormy weather, water tracked in by customers or delivery professionals might lead to a worker slipping and falling. Shelving units both in the actual store and in the storage or warehouse can be a source of risk. They might collapse. Items could also fall down off of higher shelves and strike workers, causing serious injuries. Workers generally have limited, if any, control over these environmental risk factors and could get hurt at any point during any shift.

Retail shops may attract crime

Obviously, people know that shoplifting is a safety issue at retail facilities. Anyone who intervenes to stop shoplifting could end up hurt. So could anyone on the job when a robbery occurs. Workers who have certain job responsibilities, like dropping off the bank deposit or getting change for the registers could end up mugged or assaulted in the parking lot by opportunistic criminals.

Whether someone gets hurt due to their job functions, work environment or criminal activity, they may have the option of pursuing a Florida workers’ compensation claim. Seeking medical and disability benefits can reduce the financial sting of suffering an injury on the job.