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3 reasons for a workers’ compensation denial

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Workers' Compensation Denials

Workers compensation gives workers medical benefits and lost wages if they suffered an injury or medical illness while on the job, preventing them from working in the future. These benefits help millions of people ensure their livelihoods are secure because of an accident or negligence.

Filing for workers’ comp isn’t exactly easy. One small mistake can delay benefits or cause a denial. Here are a few reasons an employee may face denied workers’ comp benefits:

1. The deadline to submit a claim was missed

Workers must report their injuries to their manager or employer to start a workers’ comp claim. Injured workers have 30 days to report their injury. Following the report, workers have two years to petition for their workers’ comp benefits. If a worker fails to meet the statute of limitation in Florida, then they lose the ability to make a claim.

2. There was a failure to get a diagnosis

Workers should have their injuries examined by medical professionals. The doctor’s report may then be used to help a worker apply for workers’ comp benefits. In many cases, employers require employees to see specific doctors who are qualified to handle workers’ comp injuries. Failing to do either may result in workers’ comp benefit denials or delays. 

3. The injury happened outside of work

Workers’ comp benefits are only available to employees who are injured while working. For example, an employee who slipped on oil in a warehouse and suffered a concussion could be eligible for benefits. However, claims are often denied on the basis that an injury is believed to have occurred outside of the work environment, such as on the worker’s commute.

If you’re applying for workers’ comp, it can help to learn about your legal options. Understanding what steps you can take to prevent future issues is key.