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Tips to make ladder falls less likely

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | On-The-Job Injuries

Ladder falls can be incredibly dangerous, and it doesn’t take a very tall ladder. People often understand the risks they face if they’re on a 30-foot extension ladder, for example, but they think that a 3-foot step ladder is perfectly safe. But a fall from any distance could lead to serious back, neck, head and brain injuries.

There’s no way to completely eliminate the chances of a ladder fall. Accidents happen, and it may even be out of your control – such as something that happens due to the actions of a coworker. But there are steps that you can take to make these falls less likely.

Important tips to keep in mind

There are dozens of potential tips that can help, but below are eight of the most important ones to get you started:

  • Never climb the ladder if you feel sick, dizzy or tired.
  • Be sure that the latter is the right style and size for the job at hand.
  • Pay attention to weight limits and never have two people use a ladder at once.
  • Do not lean to the side while on the ladder. Instead, climb down and move it if necessary.
  • Never try to move the ladder while you are still standing on it, such as hopping it to the side.
  • Maintain three points of contact at all times while climbing.
  • Follow all safety instructions and inspect the ladder before use.
  • Do not carry materials or tools when climbing the ladder.

These steps can help to lower the odds of an accident, but one could still occur. If you have suffered serious injuries on the job, be sure you know exactly what legal steps to take.