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Which drivers are most likely to wreck?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Auto Accident Injuries

Most people think of themselves as good drivers – but auto accidents happen every day. 

Some drivers are, arguably, more likely to cause accidents than others. If you’re out there on the road, these are the drivers that you need to watch:

1. Elderly drivers 

As people age, their eyesight gets worse and their reaction times lower, which can be dangerous while driving. Elderly drivers may be a driving hazard without realizing it because they’ve been driving for so long. 

2. Teen drivers 

Inexperienced drivers, such as teens, may cause accidents because of their lack of driving skills and knowledge of traffic laws. Some teens may also increase their chances of auto accidents because they’re using their phones.

3. Distracted drivers

As mentioned above, phone use while driving can be dangerous. Phone use, for example, leads to distracted driving. Drivers may become distracted by taking their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road, which can lead to accidents.

4. Drunk drivers

Alcohol impairs many senses. People who drive while drunk or after using drugs may have lower vision and muscle control. Drunk drivers may violate traffic laws and cause accidents because of speeding or swerving.

5. Drowsy drivers 

Many people who leave work late or are traveling long distances end up getting sleepy. Sleepiness while driving can cause many of the effects of alcohol. Drowsy drivers may feel less in control of their vehicle and could fall asleep behind the wheel.

6. Aggressive drivers

Some drivers are quick to anger. They may then take out their anger on other drivers. Aggressive drivers may speed or tailgate or brake check others, which could lead to accidents. 

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