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Is the PPE you use genuinely protecting you?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used in different industries, from construction to nursing. However, not all PPE are of standard. Thus, you may be wearing some, but it does not offer you the protection you need. 

Employers should go through training to ensure the PPE they get their employees are top-notch, but some may fail to do so.

Here are signs you may be wearing substandard PPE.

Not certified

The PPE you wear should be certified by a renowned body. This shows that the product has been tested and confirmed that it meets the standards required to protect you from the element in question. Check the PPE you wear for an abbreviation, and research it. The certification bodies will differ, depending on the product type and the country/region of manufacture.

Wear and tear

Employers should change PPE frequently since their strength may lower with time. Thus, if your PPE is worn and torn, the chances are it’s not protecting you as you expect. 

Not fitting

A PPE can be standard but may not be that protective if it doesn’t fit. Your PPE should not restrict your motion. While some PPE companies advertise their products as one-size-fits-all, employers should not purchase them. It will be best to buy PPE in different measurements to ensure they fit each employee perfectly.


In addition to the right size, the PPE you wear should be comfortable. Thus, material and weight should be considered. Uncomfortable PPE can lead to heat stress and exhaustion. This can increase the chances of accidents, as you may not pay much attention to the task but how you feel.

If you were injured at work due to substandard PPE, you should learn more about your legal rights and options to receive the compensation you deserve.