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The importance of mental health services for injured workers

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits allow injured workers to recover from their physical injuries. Unfortunately, an aspect of occupational injuries that has been overlooked for many years by employers and workers’ comp insurance providers is mental health and the development of mental illnesses after a workplace injury.

Unfortunately, it’s been proven that many injured workers experience mental conditions, such as anxiety and depression, due to the traumatic event they experienced on the job. Florida, among other states, is now recognizing the importance of ensuring mental conditions are addressed as part of the workers’ compensation recovery process.

The risk of mental illness in injured workers

According to one study, injured workers are more likely to experience anxiety and depression symptoms. Also, these workers are more likely to use mental health care services than workers who were not injured.

Due to more attention being placed on mental health, Florida has approved workers’ compensation benefits for mental health care treatment related to an on-the-job injury. The coverage is limited to six months for mental illness treatment.

Florida is also one of the many states that have introduced a bill to include workers’ comp benefits for first responders who have PTSD.

Protecting your mental health after a workplace injury

It has been shown that providing treatment for mental illnesses like depression and anxiety as part of the workers’ compensation process helps prevent further physical issues and improves the process of recovery. If you are injured on the job, you have the right to mental illness treatment if the condition is related to the physical injury you experienced. You have legal rights, and knowing what these are will help you make a full recovery from a workplace accident.