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What causes forklift accidents? 

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | On-The-Job Injuries

Forklifts can be seen in almost every warehouse in America. This piece of equipment makes it much more efficient to receive deliveries, load trucks and stack heavy items. 

While forklifts are useful, they also have the potential to be very dangerous, particularly when they are not operated appropriately. 

Outlined below are some of the more common causes of forklift accidents

Poorly secured loads 

It’s vital that a forklift’s load is balanced and secure. If the item being carried is not balanced equally, the forklift could tip over and hurt the operator and anyone within the vicinity. At the same time, a load that has not been secured could fall off. If this happens when the cargo is raised above the ground, the consequences could be devastating. 

Driving too fast 

Every workplace has deadlines to meet and the operator of a forklift might be feeling these. This could result in them driving and turning too fast and not paying attention to hazards. Driving a forklift is a huge responsibility and it’s vital that it is not driving too quickly. 

An inappropriate environment 

Forklifts are only as good as the environment they operate in. Not all worksites are suitable for this machinery. There should be plenty of space for the forklift to operate in and separate channels for pedestrians to stay out of the way. A poorly designed workplace can result in serious accidents. 

If you’ve been hurt on the job then you may suffer financially as well as physically and mentally. Workers’ compensation could provide some relief. Obtaining some legal guidance will give you a clearer idea of your options.