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Dealing With Your Employer During A Workers’ Comp Case

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation cases are often adversarial, because they pit the interests of an injured worker against a company that wants to contain its financial losses. Dealing with the employer during this time is often extremely stressful. However, you can always control your own attitude. Make it a point early on to act professionally, even if your boss or other people in management do not act the same way towards you.

Attend Medical Appointments as Requested

You must produce strong medical proof that the injuries you sustained at work continue to affect your everyday life. That is why it is so important to go to all medical appointments and to follow your doctor’s advice during a Workers’ compensation case. Since this information goes back to your employer, you want it to reflect you in the best possible light. If you do not like your doctor do not ask for or accept a new one without consulting an attorney. You only have the right to a new doctor one time in any case. The carrier can always choose that new doctor, unless they do not respond to your request in a timely manner. If the response is late you can chose your doctor. It is best to have a lawyer help you with the process of requesting your one time change of doctors.

Show up on Time for All Hearings and Depositions

When you receive a notice of an upcoming hearing or deposition, try to clear your schedule immediately so that you can attend it. If that’s not possible, let your attorney know so he or she can reschedule. It won’t look good to your employer if a company representative makes it to each legal meeting and you do not.

What to Do If You Feel You’re Being Treated Unfairly

Unfortunately, your employer may choose to act in unfair or illegal ways towards you after you file a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer may demote you, wrongfully terminate you, or encourage others to treat you in an openly hostile manner. Documentation is extremely important if any of these things happen. You should write down the date, time, and the employer’s actions for anything you feel is unjust. Your next step is to contact a workers’ compensation attorney for guidance and possible representation.