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Assessing Truck Accident Liability – Part One

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Blog, TRUCK ACCIDENT INJURIES

When a person suffers an injury in a truck accident, it is often possible to seek compensation when it’s reasonable to claim that negligent conduct contributed to the accident. However, establishing the source of the negligence may require a complex investigation. There are different ways that a truck driver, a trucking company or a third-party incurs responsibility in an accident.

Violations of Regulations

Any failure to heed all relevant state and federal regulations may constitute evidence of negligent conduct on the part of a driver or trucking company. For example, regulations limit how long drivers can operate rigs without a break.

Driver Error and/or Misconduct

In the aftermath of an accident, investigators may discover evidence that driver error, fatigue, aggressive behavior, or excessive speed contributed to the accident. Impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol or distracted driving may also constitute evidence of negligence.

Various Owners and Lessees

In addition to the driver, one or more businesses may share responsibility in a truck crash. It is possible that a detailed investigation will yield information that one company owns the tractor and another owns the trailer. In certain cases, one business leases a rig that another company owns. Both owners and lessees find themselves named as defendants in certain truck accidents.

Needless to say, truck accidents involving commercial vehicles often involve a high degree of complexity. Therefore, it is possible that an attorney focused on relevant areas of the law may offer useful assistance in some cases.

If you or a loved one is a victim in a truck accident, it is possible to review the matter from a legal perspective at no cost to you. Our firm offers a no-obligation consultation with an attorney focused on pertinent aspects of the law.