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Reasons Why Motorcycle Accidents Are Often Unavoidable

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2015 | Blog

In the United States there are over 8 million motorcycles on the road and in recent years riding has become more popular among men and women of all age. Unfortunately that also means an increase in motorcycle accidents. In 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated there were almost 5,000 fatal motorcycle accidents and over 90,000 total accidents occurred that year.

A closed vehicles will obviously provide more protection than motorcycles. Therefore injuries sustained due to a motorcycle accident tend to be mush more severe than those experienced during a car accident. Even if an accident does not result in fatality, the injuries can still be life altering.

One issue that motorcyclists often encounter is that they are difficult for many drivers of other vehicles to see. Motorcycles don’t take up much space and therefore are frequently overlooked when a driver glances at their mirrors. Even worse, distracted drivers who are trying to use their phone when driving may completely miss their opportunity to see the motorcycle, because their eyes are not on the road and they are less aware of their surrounding environment. To combat this many riders wear bright clothing and try to give vehicles plenty of space. However, there is a limit to how effective defensive driving techniques can be in avoiding an accident. Aware drivers are much more important than defensive riders.

What many drivers don’t understand is that the act of braking on a motorcycle is different from a car. Just like a car, the brakes are applied to both front and back tires. But if braking on a bike is performed too suddenly, then it can cause the bike to flip-over or lock-up the rear wheel causing the rider to lay the bike down, which is very dangerous. On the reverse, slow application of the brakes may mean the motorcycle doesn’t stop in time. This contrast in braking dynamics can be difficult for riders when they try to respond a sudden change in direction of another vehicle. Add in weather and road conditions that adversely affect tire traction and it may be impossible for a motorcyclist to respond safely to an unexpected maneuver.

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