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Understanding Medical Benefits and Workmen’s Compensation in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Workmen’s compensation in relation to medical benefits is as important as the monetary benefits available to Florida workers. A job injury may not be covered if the worker sees the wrong doctor or approves the wrong tests; knowing what medical treatments are approved before an accident happens will empower all employees before and after injury.

Medical Treatment

Florida law states that employers must provide the medical treatment. While it is advantageous to the employee that the employer pays, it could also hurt the employee if the employer’s insurance company does not approve the attending physician. When an employee is injured, it is the employee’s responsibility to immediately seek medical treatment from the employer’s recommended health care facility. Employees who proceed to their primary doctor may have their workmen’s compensation case rejected, and will have to pay out of pocket for services.

Tests and Follow Up Care

Any follow up care or further tests related to the injury will need a separate workmen’s compensation case. While the cases can be related to each other, any future injuries or necessary care related to the initial injury will be its own separate entity. This means that employees have the right to continuous care related to the initial injury, but follow up or related injuries will require further paperwork. Approval from the employer’s insurance company will need to be granted for every new case.

The Bottom Line

Florida laws state that workmen’s compensation medical benefits include the initial assessment, follow up visits, special tests, medications, and possible hospitalization. Getting the assessments and follow up care completed as quickly as possible will help the compensation case move smoothly; any delay will result in the necessary creation of a new case. While Florida workmen’s compensation laws can be confusing, every worker should know his or her rights by law before an accident occurs. Any injured worker should seek advice from an attorney specializing in worker’s compensation, such as those at DDB Law.