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Rental Moving Truck Accidents and Where the Liability Falls

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2014 | Auto Accident Injuries, TRUCK ACCIDENT INJURIES

There are a number of businesses across the country that provide moving vans for customers to rent. Rental trucks and vans are a cheaper alternative to hiring a full service moving company, but there are certainly some concerns with this method. These large trucks can be rented by almost anyone who has a valid driver’s license. Regardless of having experience with driving large trucks, if she or he has reached a certain age — anywhere from 18 to 25, depending on the state they are in — then they are permitted to take to the road. This can be quite dangerous for both the driver/renter and those sharing the same roadway. Here is some information you should know if involved in a moving van accident with a rented vehicle.

  • Determining liability in such an accident is more difficult than many other types of automobile accidents. Is it the fault of the driver or the fault of the company who rented the truck to the driver?
  • When renting the truck, a driver is usually given the option of purchasing an insurance protection plan from the rental company. Once again, this is optional.
  • Some of the insurances offered to moving van renters include damage waivers, supplemental liability insurance, personal accident insurance, cargo insurance, and auto tow protection.
  • If the driver of the moving van causes an accident, his or her own vehicle insurance may also provide coverage, depending on the policy.
  • Moving van rental companies also carry liability insurance on their own vehicles, as required by law.
  • While liability often resides with the driver, a moving truck or van rental company may also be found liable in an accident if it is determined that they improperly maintained the vehicle, or if they rented the vehicle to someone not eligible to drive it.

An accident involving a moving truck often results in catastrophic injury, simply due to the size of the vehicle. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a rented moving vehicle, we can help determine where liability lies and fight for the compensation you deserve. For more information, contact us.