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Common Causes of Rollover Accidents and Tips to Prevent Them

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2014 | Auto Accident Injuries

Behind head-on collisions, rollover accidents are the most deadly type of automobile accident. In fact, nearly 7,000 fatalities across the country occur each year from rollover accidents. Considering this, it is vital that drivers are aware of the common causes of rollover accidents in order to prepare strategies to help avoid being involved in this type of accident. Here are some of the common causes of rollover accidents:

High Speed Turns

One of the most common causes of rollover accidents is a driver taking a turn too quick. Reckless turns can lead cars to rollover; you are more at risk if you drive a vehicle with a higher center of gravity such as an SUV, truck, or van. It is important that you know how your vehicle handles and to perform a turn well below its maximum grip threshold. Doing so affords you a cushion of extra turning performance in the event you need to execute an emergency maneuver mid-turn. No matter what type of car you drive, the only way to ensure a safe turn is to take it at a cautious speed.

Driving in an Overly Aggressive Manner

Driving aggressively is a common cause of accidents in general, but it also increases risk of rolling over. When you drive fast and perform aggressive maneuvers such as swerving in and out of lanes abruptly, you increase the likelihood that you will loose control of the vehicle and slide sideways (a common prerequisite of a rollover). While there is nothing inherently wrong about driving assertively, driving in an overly aggressive manner magnifies the likelihood that you will be involved in an accident.

Consider Road Conditions

Another common cause of rollover accidents is not taking weather and road conditions into account when driving. When there is rain, sleet, snow, or any debris on the road, it is unwise to continue driving in your usual manner. During these unsafe conditions, driving and taking turns at normal speeds can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and possibly rollover. Exercise extra caution and slow down in order to increase your safety.