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Are Melting Dashboards To Blame For Some Florida Car Accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Auto Accident Injuries

Here’s an interesting story – are melting dashboards to blame for several recent Florida car accidents?

People involved in at least four Florida car crashes have made reports to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saying that defects with dashboards are responsible for the incidents.

A television station in West Palm Beach reports that in some vehicles, the heat and humidity of our Florida weather causes the plastic on dashboards to melt; creating a shiny and reflective surface that distracts drivers.

Two people in Miami, one in Pembroke Pines and one in West Palm Beach, have both attributed the defect to car crashes they were involved in.  This defect is specific to the kind of plastic used in some dashboards, not a particular make or model of vehicle.

As Florida personal injury attorneys, we took note of this story because we often handle cases in which someone has been hurt in a car accident. Since we often handle car accident cases, we know that no two are alike, and this story shows just how unusual the circumstances of an individual crash can be.

If you have been injured in a car, motorcycle or truck accident, please know that we’re standing by and ready to help in the event that you feel you need to speak to a lawyer. No lawsuit is ever guaranteed to be successful, but when personal injury lawsuits do come out in favor of the plaintiff, the damages awarded can be very helpful to the injured person as he or she tries to put his or her life back together.