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What Are the Standards for Determining Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2014 | Blog, social security disability

If you’re planning to apply for social security disability, your application will be considered based on several different standards. Perhaps the most basic is: Are you able to work? The Social Security Administration allows for a minimal amount of earnings, but generally, if you make over a set threshold amount that changes each year, your application will be denied.

The Social Security Administration will also want to know how long you’ve been unable to work. If your condition renders you unable to perform basic tasks for more than a year, then the agency will consider other factors. If the condition is not severe enough to have significantly limited your abilities, then you will likely not be considered disabled.

In addition, the Social Security Administration will consider whether or not you’re able to do a different type of work than what you’ve previously done. Even if you’re unable to do the job you were doing before, the agency will evaluate your medical condition, past work experience, age and education. Your application for disability will only be approved if it is determined that you could not adjust to new work.

Also, the agency will check to see if your condition is on its accepted list of impairments or equals in severity one of the impairments on the list. If not, the agency will use other factors to determine your eligibility for benefits.

The administration generally takes three to five months to determine eligibility. If your application is denied, you will have the opportunity to appeal. If you are planning to apply for social security disability or you have been denied benefits and would like to appeal, DDB Law can help. Contact us for more information and get one of our ssdi attorneys on your case today .