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Florida Driver Unable To Settle Insurance Claim With Windhaven Insurance

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2013 | Auto Accident Injuries

Here’s a recent news story that illustrates why attorneys can be necessary to settle insurance claims and recover what is owed to claimants. Insurance companies at their best are trying to pay as little as possible to claimants, but in this case the insurance company is trying to ignore the claim altogether.

NBC’s Channel 5 in West Palm Beach recently profiled the case of Laura Melendez.  When she contacted the news station, it had been three months since her accident.  Her insurance company, Windhaven, still had not settled her claim. According to Melendez, she was unable to speak with anyone at the company and consistently received excuses about her adjuster’s absence. It wasn’t until she contacted the Consumer Watchdog division of her local news company that Windhaven that her claim finally was finally settled.  Melendez says that she heard back from Windhaven about 5 minutes after a Channel 5 representative had made the call.

We know that insurance companies don’t always follow through on the terms of their contracts. But we can’t always turn to our local news stations for help. AT DDB Law, we have years of experience dealing with insurance companies, making sure that claims are settled equitably and efficiently.  Whenever filing an auto insurance claim, it’s always important to proceed carefully in order to receive the best compensation for your accident.  Document your accident and any injuries or damage it may have caused, keep meticulous records and never sign a release or waiver before seeking out reliable legal advice. Ultimately, if you don’t think your insurance company is paying what it should, contact us for a free consultation.